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From a concept to a ready-made stage and implementation. Our team is highly skilled professionals and our service packages are usually custom made based on your needs. Our main focus is on stage construction and installation for various cases. Some of them are for theatre performances, television broadcasts, concerts, media and much more. These are just couple examples of what we do. If you’re like to know more please refer to our Services page. For a quicker response and idea discussions, you can get a quicker solution when reaching out to us directly through our contact form.

Experienced Team

Our experienced team has been involved in various projects of different complexity. From the simplest ones to a ‘rocket science’. We’ve done that and are proud of being a part of the industry. Having the highest standards in mind, we try to achieve the best results possible in a short period of time and by staying in the initial budget. Read more about the team behind the Scenic Workshops on About Us page. Our team has worked together for more than 10 years and it has more than 100 years of experience combined. We believe that with our support you won’t need to worry about the quality or anything technical.

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4 years ago
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Our exhibition space at the recent union roadshow in the BT Centre Liverpool. These are made to measure please ring for more details.

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Exhibitions, stages, theatre, concerts and many more events are what we understand better than most people do. With a creative mindset, we tend to find solutions that people don’t expect and remember. Forget about the boring template based system approach, it’s no longer what artistic people are looking for. We believe that people today want to see something extraordinary and in a way participate in a creative process called art. Everything comes together when the best people work hand in hand. With a help of multiple partners and suppliers proven to deliver always on time, we strive to make it the industry standard.

Your performance is what you should focus on, let us take care of the rest by taking your audience through an exciting journey of visual and audial experience. Reviews, talks, media is what either kills or rises events. Make sure you have everything in place to make people talk and spread the word about you.

Scenic Workshops have produced scenery, stages, props, backdrops for the film, television, theatre, concert, music, media and exhibition industries nationwide, including SKY, Virgin Media and much more. In the market since 2010 but more than 100 years of combined experience.