Scenic Workshops was developed in early 2000 when we saw so many people struggling with the quality that was in the UK market.

We saw a niche where our team members were out working for so many well-known companies and mostly not because they had more funds to play around but mostly because of their beautiful minds and creativity. We’ve brought together a great and trusted team to work in the greatest industry there is – performance art.

We love new challenges and creative process of our work. The core team has been together for many years even before the company really existed. We believe that we understand our client needs from the first moment. Sometimes it’s enough to hear you out and come up with a concept in less than 15 minutes. It’s the experience and hard work!

International projects

Most of the time our clients come from the UK but we’ve worked with so many clients even across the ocean. Yes, it takes a bit more time and we understand the challenges but it’s what makes it exciting. The most exciting work we’ve done was for a small company in Thailand when we had to move our whole team to Thailand to come up with a concept in a completely different country. We’re still proud of our work and how we managed to develop a concept from an idea till the ready made product. This is what we do the best!

Repeating customers

During these years we’ve developed a strong customer base that doesn’t change a lot. We’re not doing any marketing but customers find us through word of mouth. Without you (our customer), we would be nothing so we’d also like to take a moment and thank you for being a part of our journey. It’s always interesting to see your ideas and participate in the process. If there are any suggestions or ideas how to make things better, remember – we’re an open minded people just like you!

Trusted partners

We would be nothing without our trusted partners. There are numerous things needed during the process and during these years we’ve developed a strong partnership with most of our suppliers. Before we fully work with someone we test them. Almost like in school when you need to pass an exam to move on. We have our quality control that every partner should pass in order to work with us long term.

But, enough about us, let’s talk about you and how would you like to make your idea a reality. It’s your story and in order to start, you need to make your first step and get in touch with us. We don’t know you and your idea but once it’s in our hands – the magic happens!

Get in touch with us by using a contact form!