It requires a certain mindset to build a stage

Imagine.. hundreds of people watch your performance and don’t even think about their daily tasks or notifications that keep popping up on their phones. Yes, they’re fully focused on a stage you perform and nothing can capture their attention during a performance.

We’re truly happy about our job. Actually, we don’t call it that way anymore for many years already. Every time we meet someone who needs our expertise and help, we receive the same questions over and over again. We’ve decided to dive into the basics of a stage creation and what everyone should understand when preparing a stage.

Take a look at what’s available – Make it original!

Not always it’s the most expensive solution or technology that creates the environment you’re looking for. Sometimes the best environment is created in abandoned places. Such places are very cheap to rent and as you may guess, they are not overbooked. A creative mindset can really surprise your audience and make them remember about your performance or event.

So first suggestion would be to look for an original option that’s available for a cheap price. Your audience most likely doesn’t expect this and they are going to be very surprised about your creativity. One thing to consider though, such places don’t come with great solutions in terms of toilets and hygiene. These are additional costs and things you need to bear in mind.

Prepare a solid ground – stage floor

We’ve seen events where organisers forgot to test the floor where an event takes place. Make sure your floor is capable of carrying a certain amount of people and force (if there’s a particular moment when that may be required.

From our experience, we try to find either a movable solution or build our own if it’s more like a permanent thing. Here’s a quick example of what we’ve built in the past:

Stage floor

Simple, very strong and most importantly doesn’t make any redundant noises. This is an example taken from a stage that was built open air.

Understand who’s the audience

This is more like a tip to bear in mind when thinking about broadcasting or live event. It really differs a lot if you’re making a live event or broadcasting it online. Live events are usually simpler but stage wise require less preparation. Preparation for a broadcasting event is more on a technical side. I.e. making sure that microphones and speakers are hidden and people cannot spot them easily. Also, there’s quite a bit of work involved to make sure there’s no redundant lights or vice versa, the light is too bright. For technical solutions, we really recommend to consult with experts. Even though we’re doing this for a decade, it requires a certain set of skills and knowledge to get a high-quality result.

Building a wall or background that lasts long enough

And the last but no least, think about a background and walls. We’ve seen events where walls don’t make it till the end and a performance needs to be stopped in order to fix a stage. Always, ALWAYS, remember that if you’re making your event open air, weather may change and there’s absolutely no guarantee that it’s going to be as weather forecasters may say. Often small storms or rain may appear unexpectedly and you need to make sure that your visitors feel you’re in control and nothing can go wrong.

We hope that these small steps and suggestions are going to help you prepare better and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any consultation or help. We’re here to assist!

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  • Thank you for the suggestions. Couple years ago we built a tent and it was taken away by a storm as you mentioned above. When it happens, you really don’t know what to do. We learnt it the hard way but we’re glad to be a happy customer now. Thank you for your tremendous work!

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