Scenic Workshops is not just a company that offer services to their customers and friends. During the last 100 years of combined experience, we’ve developed strong skills in stage installations and construction of various difficulties.

Combining today’s technology with a passionate and creative mind, we come up with the most interesting and surprising solutions that not only our clients remember but also the audience who enjoy the end product (or how we say between our company – the art of passionate stage). Outdoors, indoors, in the air, television, theatre, suitable attributes and so many other things that you need to do.. If you don’t want to think about it, it’s probably a better idea to have a quick look at our service packages and figure out which is the best in your case.

Our service packages

  • Consultation – sometimes there are only a few questions that need to be answered in order to move on with the installation or creation process. We understand that it may be your own idea that you want to develop the way you’ve imagined but, when you start to experience some roadblocks, we’re here to give you a friendly advice. We honestly don’t keep our partners as a secret. If we know that a certain supplier may be the best solution, we’re going to recommend it to you to achieve the best result possible.
  • Full installation – from A to Z. If you have an idea but don’t know how to put it together, this is where we come in and do everything for you. Starting from the basic concept and ending with the most difficult implementation in real life. We’ve also installed stages in the air (seriously) and we’re happy to see more creative ideas that trigger our creativity and the possibilities are almost limitless.
  • Live or Broadcasting stages – Scenic Workshops have produced scenery, stages, props, backdrops for the film, television, theatre, concert, music, media and exhibition industries. Let us help you by bringing your ideas to reality. High-quality partners suppliers and creative team are what makes us stand out from the competition.
  • Last day call – understanding how the creative process works, we’ve seen many clients who have signed agreements with freelancers and multiple partners in order to put together a concept. Unfortunately not always all of the partners signed can fulfil their responsibilities and this is when you start to panic and lose your patience because of the limited time frame. Don’t worry, we’ve built things in a matter of hours and everything is possible! Give a quick call and we’ll discuss your particular situation and see how can we assist to make everything on time as you’ve planned from the very beginning. It takes courage and experience to take projects that need to be completed in half a day.

Give us a call to discuss your case and help achieve your goals. Remember, it’s about the story you bring and there’s no limit to a creativity. It’s just a matter of time and great people to make things happen.